Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cowboy Family!

It's been a long time since we have posted. We might not even have any followers, but here is a recent picture!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bowman's Hospital Stay in February - our trooper!

The kids were not allowed to come in the hospital, so they visited Bowman through the window! Elmo was Bowman's best friend in the hospital.........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Prayer of a Child

This past week has been a journey for our family, one I look back on and realized I had one choice and it was to surrender the situation to God because I could not do it alone. Last Tuesday, I took Bowman into the doctor for a cough he had. He had no other symptoms, but I wanted to make sure his ears were clear and things were looking ok. The diagnosis was one I did not expect, but we found out he had pneumonia. Sent home on antibiotics, we kept pushing forward. To make the story short, he continued to get considerably worse which landed us back to the doctors on Friday morning. His oxygen level was extremely low and his lung continued to be infected. They sent us to the hospital immediately and it was there he was admitted. By Sunday morning, all three of us wanted out of the hospital. The doctors reports continued to be grim, showing very little progress. He was still requiring a lot of oxygen, needed nose suctions and his lung was still very bad. We were discouraged, but knew we needed to do what was best for Bowman - stay in the hospital. Herbie and Allie had called me on the phone earlier crying they missed me and wanted to come home. My parents brought them to the hospital (they were not allowed inside) so they got to stand outside of Bowman's window and wave. I went to sit in the lobby with Herbie and Allie and it was there that Allie started to cry and said, "I miss my Bowman - I want him to come home." Her tears ended with her and I hugging and crying together. My parents sat with Bowman while Dave and I took Herbie and Allie on a dinner date. When we returned, I sat in the car with the kids while Dave ran in to kiss Bowman goodnight. I turned to the kids and said, can you please say a prayer for your brother and for God to help bring him home. The first time, I have ever heard, they both said a complete and sincere prayer to God to heal their brother. With tears in my eyes, I went back into the hospital to spend the night with Bowman. Within the next hour it was time for his "normal" check up. The nurse came in and in shock, to me and her, she said his chest sounds clear and so does his left lung. This is the same individual who told us that morning, along with the doctor, he still sounded terrible! In somewhat disbelief I said great! I asked her to lower his oxygen (he was still at a very high level). She lowered it a whole liter and we got ready for bed. If you know, our oxygen tends to go low when we sleep anyway so to see her lower it so much before bed was amazing. That night he did amazing and even passed both of his "room air" tests. The oxygen therapist, his nurse and the doctor all were amazed at how fast his "lung cleared" and his ability to handle little to no oxygen intake. I write this because I truly believe in God's ability to heal and only within an hour of our children's prayers our son was healed. Thank you Lord for listening to the prayer of a child. We rejoice that our son's lung continues to be clear and he came home oxygen free!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009